Private Equity Terms and Conditions

Improve returns with smarter private equity terms and conditions

When you're negotiating private equity terms and conditions, there's a lot of money at stake. Whether you're raising an early-stage venture fund, investing in a mega buyout fund, or dealing in a mid-market vehicle, overlooking even a single item on your term sheet could cost you millions of dollars.

That's why successful investors and fund managers everywhere take advantage of the robust and timely data and analysis found in the Dow Jones Private Equity Partnership Terms and Conditions report.

The Dow Jones Private Equity Terms and Conditions report

Published by the editors of the Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst, the Terms and Conditions report is updated annually with coverage on the hottest topics and most important issues in the private equity market. Containing insightful analysis on the most robust terms and conditions data available, this highly respected report covers all the latest trends in private equity terms and conditions—including key person provisions, carried interest, disclosure agreements, management fees, and more—so you enter partnership negotiations armed with the information that will help maximize your returns.

With the Private Equity Partnership Terms and Condition report, you gain timely data on:

  • Transaction fees, broken-deal fees, monitoring fees, success fees and other fee income
  • Trends in carried interest splits, distribution waterfalls and other distribution terms and conditions
  • Small and large U.S. LBO, venture, and funds-of-funds, as well as European venture and buyout funds

You'll also get access to expert opinion and insight on issues affecting today's limited partnerships, such as two-tier key person provisions, management fee scales and fund-sizing, general partner clawbacks and disclosure, and corporate governance. The report contains nearly 100 graphs and charts with helpful detail on the trends concerning terms that are becoming industry standard.

Private Equity Analyst delivers additional insight and intelligence

Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst is the premier source for critical analysis, robust data and timely news on the buy side of the private market. Available as a monthly print publication and weekly e-mail, a subscription to Private Equity Analyst also includes 24/7 access to a searchable online archive. With PEA, you can get first notice of funds coming to market or closing, details of moves made by specific limited partners, expert in-depth analysis and observations about GP moves and market trends, and much more.

Get information now on private equity research, PE and VC directories, VC fundraising, corporate bankruptcy news and more.

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