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To compete in the private equity markets, you need intelligence on key deals being done around the world, critical analysis on trends, updates on who's hiring who—it all contributes to your ability to make the right moves at the right time. But collecting that information on private equity deals can be costly and time-consuming—unless you know the right source. When you need timely access to accurate information about private equity deals, Dow Jones has the solution.

Dow Jones offers timely data on private equity deals

When it comes to accurate and comprehensive information on private equity deals being done around the world, there's no better source than Private Equity Analyst. This monthly publication and weekly e-mail delivers full coverage on key deals being done worldwide, as well as information on which LPs are making allocations and why.

More information on private equity and venture capital deals

Dow Jones offers a number of highly respected information sources that provide comprehensive news and analysis of the private equity market. LBO Wire provides truly unparalleled coverage of the buyout market in a daily e-newsletter and an online archive that is searchable 24/7. It covers opportunities in the small and mid-market that are not covered elsewhere, as well as statistics detailing trailing averages, deal multiples, funds raised, secondary deals, and deals by size and sector. Private Equity Source gives you the power to find new deal opportunities or investment partners, locate alternative sources of financing, closely monitor the competition, and expand your industry network, plus connect immediately with key decision makers. And The Private Equity Partnership Terms & Conditions report brings you the best data and analysis on the latest trends emerging in management fees, key person provisions, carried interest, and dozens of other fund partnership terms.

Learn more about private equity deals as well as private equity fundraising, LBO news, VC fundraising and VC conferences, and more.

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Private Equity Analyst

Get first notice of which LPs are making allocations and why, which firms are raising funds or about to start, and the key private equity deals being done around the world.

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Private Equity Source

Get comprehensive data on buyout and private equity deals—in progress and historically.

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Get in-depth news and analysis of the key buyout industry developments that matter most, including the small, mid-sized and even larger deals not covered anywhere else.

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