Media Trends

Trends in media are not easy to detect

Staying on top of trends in media is imperative for any organization seeking a significant share of voice of the market. But the job is not simple - traditional print and broadcast media are now nearly drowned out in the proliferation of Web sites and blogs. Spotting trends across this voluminous and disparate collection requires advanced technology. Text mining has become a valuable tool for sifting through universes of data in search of clues, but the technology is highly sophisticated and can be costly to implement. That's why organizations seeking to cost-effectively monitor media trends come to Dow Jones.

Dow Jones's solutions help track media trends

For more than 20 years, Dow Jones has excelled at helping organizations access business intelligence and deliver it seamlessly throughout the enterprise. The quality of Dow Jones's Editorial services and Media measurement products and services has helped the company build the largest business user base in the information industry. Simple benchmark reports in pdf or powerpoint to sophisticated online Reputation Management tools, Dow Jones offers a variety of ways to monitor and detect media trends.

Dow Jones Insight™: innovative tools for identifying media trends

Dow Jones Insight combines complex text mining strategies, sophisticated research methods and a vast collection of superior content to deliver a powerful solution for measuring media effectiveness and identifying trends. Components include modules for managing trends related to corporate reputation, as well as tools for measuring the effectiveness of media campaigns. The comprehensive results are communicated via helpful visualization tools, presenting findings in graphically rich documents and easy-to-use dashboard interfaces. For organizations wanting to cost-effectively stay on top of trends across media on a global scale, Dow Jones Insight products are the answer.

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