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While the advent of the Internet has provided greater access to information it has also created exceptional challenges on how to effectively manage it. Therefore, organizations now turn to Internet information services to help prioritize and filter the staggering volume of information available via the Internet. As the variety of these services proliferates, the task of choosing the best one becomes more complicated. Which of the services will deliver the most comprehensive content? Which will enable the organization to maximize productivity? Which of these Internet information services will most easily integrate information into employees' daily workflow, bringing intelligence directly to the point of decision?

Dow Jones's Internet information services provide superior content and management tools

Dow Jones leads the Internet information services field by providing content unmatched in breadth and depth and helping companies integrate information into their daily workflow. Dow Jones's internet integration system culls content from more than 28,000 sources in 200 countries and 23 languages, including more than 320 continuously updating newswires, more than 1500 newspapers and more than 3200 trade journals and industry publications. More than 60 percent of the sources available in the Dow Jones collection are not available on the free Web.

More important than the breadth of information in the Internet information services provided by Dow Jones is the ability to filter content to provide users with only the most relevant information. Rather than sifting through mountains of information, Dow Jones's system provides users with only the information they need and want. This accelerates decision-making and makes organizations more productive and profitable.

Dow Jones's Internet information services deliver information at the point of decision

The Internet information services that Dow Jones provides also give users the ability to track news and utilize online competitive intelligence as it develops. Users can create information topics for the entire company to track, as well as information topics for specific departments or individuals within the organization. Our Internet information products also embed business intelligence into the application's users' work every day, so they can get information they need when they need it most—at the point of decision.

Dow Jones's system also easily integrates information into any organization infrastructure. Built on an open architecture that is XML-based and Web services-enabled, this system can customize information for any environment or workflow. It's easier to integrate Internet information services from Dow Jones than from any other vendor because all Dow Jones products share the same key features at the systems level: sources are processed the same way, indexing is perfectly consistent, and key mechanisms, like searching, are universal across the product line.

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